Grow Your Garden

Everything in your life prior to this moment has been building up to something huge. Be confident in knowing you are not at the beginning stage, but just beyond that, the way a seed sprouts barely out of the Earth.

Your seed, or soul purpose, was planted long ago and has been absorbing nutrients through all the stages in your life. And this life-long journey is your opportunity to grow the seed into a fruitful tree so abundant that you can enjoy--as well as everyone you impact--this sweet success.

If at this point you are concerned or stressed about finding and understanding your soul purpose, release the desire and need to “find” it, trusting that it is already deep within you and is revealing itself through your current mission and state of being.

Look at your passions, understanding the way they have shaped your journey.

Analyze your fears, realizing they are your inner most strength.

Allow this platform, if it resonates with you, to guide you into a life dedicated to growing not just one tree, but an abundant garden…


Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Before someone grows a garden, they must answer, “Why am I growing this garden?”

What seeds will be planted?

Who will benefit?

Where will I grow this garden and how will I maintain this garden?

In other words, what is the goal? How well do you understand your soul purpose?

There are three useful tricks renounced by many successful people. Before you hear them and give up on your garden completely, let me simplify them and just plant the seeds in your mind. Meditation, Visualization and Journaling are the most useful tools, because they work within you.

You will never have to seek outside of yourself or spend money on your tools. And while they work most efficiently together, only one is necessary, and there are many ways to go about each. Any question you have regarding your soul purpose and end goals can be answered with these tools, because, as I mentioned in the introduction, you knew your soul purpose long before you came here.

Every answer is within you, probably buried beneath all the layers of expectations forced on you by family, society, religion, education and whatever else influenced you. Through this process, we will peel back each of those layers and unwanted beliefs to uncover the truth deep inside you.


Step 2: Prepare Your Soil

Once you’ve gathered the essential tools and understand the direction of your garden, it is time to clean your base.  This will enable you to root down into the nutritious soil you have cultivated. To accomplish this you must restructure your values and beliefs about “success,” money and happiness, as well as analyzing distractions, facing boredom, and prioritizing quality over quantity.

Another very useful and related tool, minimalism, will free up time, save you money and energy, and improve the overall quality of life while keeping you organized and on track to reap an abundant garden!


Step 3: Plant
Your Seeds

Now that your soul and your soil are clean and nurtured, it’s time to begin the growth process so you can begin to enjoy the rewards of your hard work and new beliefs. It’s time to plant your seeds.

An experienced gardener understands that not all seeds will sprout—only the highest quality ones, which will produce the tastiest fruits.

Rather than sulking over those which never blossom, invest all your energy and nutrients in those which do. They are there for a reason, the others are not, and eventually you will understand that one must die in order to leave more space and nutrients for another. The same applies to the steps you make toward your soul purpose.

At this point you should have a clear idea of what you want in your garden. You can always add and take away things as you wish.

Pick the seeds which get you most excited, as these will be easier to tend to. Test the water for these seeds by trying the things you feel called to. Know who will benefit from your garden, and plant the seeds in their mind too. Target them throughout the process so they know something delicious is coming to them. Their excitement will boost your excitement, and they will become your motivation and support system.

Utilize the people around you who have faith in your garden and see the same success you invision. Ask them for guidance and assistance, make them your family. When the trees begin to fruit and blossom, you are returning the favor and showing up for them in return.

Plant your seeds one by one, again trusting that those which flourish are to be expanded upon.


Maintain Your Garden

At this point, your seeds are planted and already rooting into the Earth. Even if you can’t see it, you are well on your way to success, bringing so many people juicy fruits from your tree.

However, the process does not stop here. Your garden cannot grow without you in the hot summer time. It still needs nourishment, water, new soil and maintenance.

Are you aware of which plants are sprouting, blossoming, fruiting and what is making them thrive? Are you nurturing the ones that aren’t by making sure there are no weeds distracting and taking the nutrients?

Maintenance requires organization, replenishing, nourishment and celebration.

You are the caretaker of your baby plants, the parent of your ideas and dreams.

A gardener does not stomp on a dying or slow-growing flower with anger and impatience; instead, a gardener waters, weeds around and tends to this plant to help it reach its next stage of growth.

Tend to your dreams, the seeds you’ve planted. If you can reach the next goal, you are successful. Celebrate every success, remembering what you focus on grows.


©2019 by The Dream Alchemist