Let me start by saying this: anything and everything you pursue will impact people, but if your intentions are to help others, you cannot help anyone if you have no fruit on your tree. And you cannot have fruit on your tree if your soil is littered.

“You cannot help a man in poverty by making yourself poor,” (OSHO); therefore, you must help yourself first. Here’s a hint, where you want to help (your ultimate goal we questioned earlier) is probably where you need help the most--this is why it is your soul purpose!

It can take many lifetimes of hard work; but remember, everything you do and have done is adding up to something. Patience and acceptance is the ultimate lesson, so be patient with and accepting of all things coming.



The Dream Alchemist believes in art, as abstract and broad as it can be conceptualized. Art is used here as a synonym for detailed process, something you focus deeply on and lose yourself in. Art is painting and drawing, but it is also dancing, cleaning, cooking, sports, smoking; art is the process in which we tend to zone out, and meditation is bringing the awareness to these motions.

Traditionally, meditation is often associated with Buddha, breathing, sitting with legs crossed in a quiet space. This can be intimidating and even uncomfortable for most people.

Not every gardener will gather the same tools or the same brands, for their garden. In the same way, there are infinite meditative tools and techniques. Even if you don’t realize it, you are meditating. Even now, reading this message.

Meditation can be explained as taking oneself away from physical and mental distraction, being in the present moment (rather than anxious about the future or nostalgic about the past), detaching from a sense of self and being one with the natural energy flow of the universe.

Meditation does not mean to sit in lotus pose, just like art does not mean to be a master painter or pianist.

Think of the things you enjoy doing, those processes you really lose yourself in, where your spirit thrives and doesn’t wish to be disturbed. An athlete loses identity at game time, a performer the same at show time, a boss the same during a motivational speech. These people are in the present moment, aware of their surroundings but not necessarily concerned with being.

Now think of the things you space out doing: driving, eating, scrolling on social media. Think of these as opportunities to practice mindful awareness. Examine the surroundings, the tastes, emotions felt. Congratulations, you are meditating!

If traditional meditation resonates with you and sounds like something you’d like to try, there are various styles to explore. Test the waters at a donation-based meditation retreat like Vipassana, or find a guided meditation on any music platform.



Day dreams, imagination, goal setting, these are all ways that we naturally and sometimes unintentionally practice visualization.

Advertisements, talking with another individual about their dreams and experiences (good or bad), these are ways that external visualization is manipulating our unique thoughts and ideas.

This tool, visualization, was forgotten in the tool shed, now covered in layers of dust. We must rinse this tool by pairing it with another tool or simply asking yourself, “What is MY vision?”

Using just your imagination or photos from a magazine or online, visualize your vision—your end goal.

Someone wishing for their dream garden will include the kind of flowers and plants, where they will be planted and categorized, healthy and vibrant plants growing rapidly, how much fruit they will produce this season, the smiling faces of people enjoying their fruit, and so on.

Align with your vision, recognizing intrusive thoughts and beliefs which are not yours. What gets you excited? What do you feel like you’re including--wasting energy and nutrients--for the pleasure of someone else?

Remember this is YOUR garden, and whatever you grow should benefit YOU if you wish to benefit others.

Trust that your garden will bring the right clients, those who are searching for the specific things you grow. They will recognize your heart and passion, the healthy energy invested into this abundant garden and they will wish to eat the fruits that grow from your trees.



We often visualize and speak about our dreams, but we don’t write them down. We forget to attach them to the physical.

The Law of Attraction supports the concept that writing has a greater effect on our dreams coming true, but simply stated, writing holds us to the things we say and do.

Like a to-do list, where we can scratch off each step and visualize our end goal in words, this tool motivates us to keep moving forward as we take the steps to grow our garden.

Some journals get updated each day, some only when there is intention or a specific event or thought that triggers the act of writing. Some journals hold only words, some include print outs and drawings as well. Some journals are locked up, some are left open for anyone to see.

This is your journal, your tool, so utilize it as your garden demands.


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