Goal Setting

In step 1, you asked yourself, “What is my goal, my purpose?”

In step 2, you asked yourself, “What is my vision of success?” and you visualized an abundant garden.

Now it’s time to get down to the logistics: How am I going to get to my end goal, my success?

Whether you prefer to-do lists, visual timelines, or other style of organization, think about and put onto paper/type what you need to do first, second, third.

Goal setting doesn’t need to be so specific that there is no room for flexibility, and each task should be doable—something in your control and ability.

A goal can be short-term or long-term,it can be an exact number or date, but it’s important to remember that not meeting a goal does not define you as a failure. You are a learner and always will be, but as long as you’re planting the seed, the idea, and you’re in it for the right reasons, then you will experience success.

Some people say, “The Universe always gives you what you want, but never in the way you expect.”

The answers, the rewards, they will come when the time is right. But don’t wait for it, because then you will not realize that you already have it. Continue to plant seeds, don’t wait for the one you just planted to grow; otherwise, the flower will fruit at the end of the season and you will have missed your chance to have an abundant garden.


Pick Your Seeds

Before a seed can be planted, it must be known what seed and where. At this point, you might have an idea of what seeds you want to plant, but you’re not certain if you will like the fruits.

There’s no better time to test the water than now! Whether you want a certification/training, internship, apprenticeship, to be a volunteer, or actually get a job in the direction you are heading, dip your toes in and get a little experience. Try and try again in slightly and drastically different experiences, following the things which give you the most joy. The point of making your life revolve around your soul purpose is to wake up each day with motivation and excitement for everything that is apart of it!

So play around with the seeds, taste the fruit, and try new things that you feel called to.

Whether this means volunteering/interning in your dream career, taking boxing lessons or getting your software coding certification, dive into the opportunity and explore every aspect, find your niche.

But never forget your end goals and idea of success. Make sure you are enjoying the process before you accept the reward.


Ask for Help

We briefly talked about a support system, building quality relationships over quantity. Hopefully you’ve shared your ideas with your support system at this point; you’ve planted the seeds in their mind.

You may find throughout the process that you need these individuals much more than you expect, so really understand who it is you can rely on. Who’s been there for you through it all? Who’s seen you at worst and at best?

Some will just support and encourage you, some will connect you with someone they know, some will even loan you money and give you advice. And sometimes you will have ask for help.

Gardeners don’t always prepare or anticipate the tools and supplies they will need when they take on such a large task as a garden. They may have to ask their friends, neighbors and other experiences gardeners for advice on a pest or weed, to borrow a specific tool, or just for their experience with a certain plant.

Never be afraid to ask, whether it be your direct support system, a Facebook group or a tarot card reader. If you are feeling lost and hopeless, simply ask!

We can not grow a tree without the sun, just like we can not excel if we never share our ideas with the world. And our ideas will never be successful if we can not answer the questions for our audience, clients and coworkers, which we never asked.

Remember, you are always a student, even when you are passing on knowledge. If you consider yourself an expert, you will limit your space for growth and success.


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