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Do you consider yourself an artist? Are you feeling inspired to pursue art, but one thing or another is blocking you from moving forward? Aymen & Chamomile are certified art life coaches helping artists to overcome limiting beliefs, get a better sense of Self, and organize their life to get on track to success. The duo offers a complete program to guide you through the process of making and taking opportunities. Fill out the following form to schedule a free 15-minute consultation! 

Festival packages

Aymen and Chamomile are traveling artists, inspired and motivated to share Art with the world! The duo specializes in illustration (one-line illustrations and stippling) as meditation and self-exploration, visionary painting, sound healing, festival acts, as well as movement and expression workshops. We offer two kinds of packages to festival organizers looking for entertainment and/or workshop hosts. Click the link to see what each package includes!


Past collaborations


Mimansa Story Sharing

In Bangalore, India The Dream Alchemist had the opportunity to perform for a Sunday brunch at Mimansa. Due to the music ban a couple days before the show, we were challenged to a new type of performance: story sharing. With Aymen on the hang drum, Chamomile told the story of the Fool's Journey about an outcasted turtle and a wanderlust flower who undergo the trip of a lifetime to find their lost canine friend, Shanti. The pair run into many creatures along the way, stopping to help each one turn their dreams into a reality.

Fox Trot Art Exhibition

On the ground floor, beneath Mimansa, The Dream Alchemist set up an art display: Faces of Life. Aymen's works on one wall demonstrated the various phases we experience in life, each face reflecting different interpreted emotion. On the opposite wall, Chamomile displayed four illustrations capturing different scenarios of conflict in life, which determine the emotions we experience.

Photo Sep 14, 03 53 42.jpg


Anicca is a unique movement art form developed by The Dream Alchemist. It aims to bring awareness to the Law of Impermanence by taking viewers on a journey through the changing emotions within each of us. We use this art form in workshop and performance. Watch the video to learn more!

Clapbox Music Video

Clapbox is a cajon company started by a simple guy in New Delhi who couldn't afford to buy a cajon when he first grew interest, so he built his own! The Dream Alchemist supported his dream by partnering with the famous Indian percussionist, Roy Roberts, to film a music video of music and dance.

Photo Jun 05, 03 59 30.jpg

Zorba the Buddha Subconscious Art

Zorba the Buddha is a healing center located away from the hustle and bustle of New Delhi's city center. The Dream Alchemist was invited to facilitate our famous subconscious art workshops to the center's clients.

Dreamcatcher Cafe

Hidden in the Himalayan mountains of Dharamkhot, India, Dreamcatcher is a quiet cafe overlooking the surrounding mountains down to Bhagsu and Dharamshala in the distance. While the kitchen staff went on serving up great Northern Indian dishes, the Dream Alchemist worked hard to decorate the dining area with requested "trippy" paintings. We know these paintings, like our relationship with the crewe there, will last a long time and maybe even gather travelers around the table a bit longer to enjoy the scenery and each others company!

Photo Aug 13, 04 05 36.jpg

Monalisa Cafe Mural

Varanasi is the oldest city in India, and deep in the alley ways of the city is a modern cafe with incredible and affordable Indian food. A new cafe, they were looking for ways to spice up the atmosphere. The Dream Alchemist painted a mandala mural to bring a traditional method of meditation to the modern cafe.

Dreamland Art Studio

The Dream Alchemist is always attracted to others' dreams, so when we came across Dreamland, we couldn't help but wander inside. The abstract paintings and human sculptures made us feel right at home, and the art studio agreed to share their space for our Unconscious Art Workshop for the Fine Art Universiy students.


The ULTIMATE Yoga Studio

The Ultimate Yoga Studio in Mandalay, Myanmar warmly welcomed us introduce sound and energy healing to the conscious community in the city. We also shared our contact improvisation workshop with them to inspire non-judgment, while getting in touch with our inner child. The studio's approach to yoga joined with self-love creates the perfect space to share these arts! Watch the video to learn more about the Art of Yoga for Self-Love

Theik Khar Myanmar Institute

A small art school made up of 30 students from 19 different ethnic groups around Myanmar hides in the streets of Taunggyi. The Dream Alchemist held our first Inner Child Workshop, a collective workshop working to bring out the inner artist, who is curious, loving, imaginative, and expressive, through theatre, dance and drawing. 


KALASA Art & Language Space

Yangon, Myanmar welcomed The Dream Alchemist warmly with our unconscious art workshop at KALASA! Local artists from all different backgrounds came together to let go of their judgments and expectations. Watch the video to see our interview with artist and language teacher, Pu and Su, about their perspective on “art.”

The Mothership

The Mothership is an eco-resort outside of Chiang Mai being constructed for psychedelic and other art retreats. The Dream Alchemist got to be apart of the artistic touch of murals and mosaic arts! Hopefully we will be conducting our own art workshop here in the future. Stay tuned :)


Earth Bar - Vientiane

We love collaborating with organizations who hold similar values and interests as The Dream Alchemist. Earth is a unique bar and restaurant working to bring interesting and profound performances, lectures and sustainability to Laos. The team hosted our live music and painting performance, as well as a self-love art workshop but chamomile. 

Vientiane Yoga Studio

The Dream Alchemist brought in creative and inspirational energy to the Vientiane Yoga Studio. We believe in letting our art transform into whatever is taking shape without putting limiting structures around our creations. See the final mandala:


Contact Improvisation

The Dream Alchemist hosted a contact improvisation dance workshop at Vientiane Yoga Studio in Laos consisting of various balance, expression and contact techniques. We believe this class brings dancers out of the structured dancing we’ve each adopted throughout our lives and begin expressing from the soul. 

Heart Dance

Heart Dance, a fundraiser event providing young girls in Laos with education to reduce human trafficking, consisted of yoga, ecstatic dance, began food and community. The Dream Alchemist played ambient instrumental music in a sound healing session before the ecstatic dance. 


Mano Temple House

This family guesthouse located just outside Luang Prabang, Laos is a pleasant hideaway from the city's tourist attraction. The owner, Hung, proudly shared her visions with us about how she imagined the place to have a nice atmosphere for traveling families and couples. 

Over a week's time, The Dream Alchemist worked hard to transform the garden and courtyard areas into a comfortable and serene space, and to redesign the interior of the rooms with our wall murals, canvas paintings and decor collected from around the property.

Economically and environmentally friendly, we renovated the space according to her visions and cultural influence.

Mulberries Organic Silk Farm

Mulberries Organic Silk Farm popped up on our route walking from Vietnam to India, and we were pleasantly surprised to hear the story of Kommaly, who's mission is to provide an income for Laos women in poverty, while preserving the nearly lost art of silk weaving after the Indochina war. 

Such an inspiring story should be shared to inspire the hearts of many creative people looking to pursue their dreams, so The Dream Alchemist created a short video to summarize her brave, empowering journey from a refugee child to an angelic woman.


Reflection: A Carnival

Reflection: A Carnival (April 2019) is an organized 12-hour event outside of Hanoi, Vietnam, hosting many creatives and introducing various types of art to the rural Vietnamese culture. 

Five local and international artists displayed their work on the ground floor of Cafe Dang, while the second floor and rooftop were transformed into an energetic space for workshops, tarot readings, henna tattoos, and live performances.

Some workshops included Astrology, Abstract Drawing, Soap Making, Yoga and Flow Movement.

Homestay Prime

In a Vietnamese University town, the Dream Alchemist brought unconscious art to a student homestay, where Vietnamese live amongst foreigners to better speak and understand English. We target local audience with our art to expand the cultural conceptions of “art.”


Full moon festival

In Yangon, Myanmar, the festival culture is just beginning its lifelong journey. Small communities with various music and art tastes are organizing events in and out of the city. The Dream Alchemist was invited to the Full Moon Festival to give a live painting, sunset sound healing and flash tattoos. We love collaborating with artist communities around the world, bringing vibrancy to the world!

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