On your journey to success, it is very likely you will face many obstacles and unrelated distractions—it’s almost like the universe is testing your dedication and patience. How bad do you want this thing you are working toward?

Staying organized is essential to maintaining your garden. Are you checking in with yourself each day? What advances have you made and what setbacks are occurring? Where are you getting distracted (relationships, work, play)?

There are many methods of organization, so if your old methods are not working, try something new. Make sure you’ve set aside time and stored energy to water the seeds each day. Write down what needs to be done and dedicate yourself to your garden!



One of the seeds you planted is not growing as planned. It began sprouting but the others are growing much quicker, and you’re faced with the question: “Do I want to spend more time and invest more energy into this one seed?”

If it is actually important to your success, don’t give up on it just because it’s growing slowly. Patience and acceptance is the lesson. Accept the stage it is at, but do not give up on it. Tend to it with love, understanding and patience.

The things we care for the most are the ones that thrive and produce the most abundance later on as long as we do the hard work at the early stages.

Everything can be broken down into stages. A seed will sprout, then it will stem and branch outward, produce closed flowers and work through stages to a bloomed flower or fruit.

Sometimes, in an exciting pursuit, we get lost in the process. We are focused on the end result and begin to fear failure when things aren’t going as planned. Remember: what we focus on grows. Are you focusing too much on failure?

Focus on the present stage of the seed. Move it only toward the next stage. A seed cannot become a flower overnight.

Use your tending tools (meditation, visualization, journaling and minimalism) to help your seed prosper.



What you focus on grows.

Sometimes fear overtakes us and we move into a place of worry, manifesting a life with no reward, no abundance.  

Keep an eye on your goals, celebrating each success along the way. It is so exciting when the seed sprouts from the ground! It is so beautiful when the first flower bulb begins its transformation.

These simple successes encourage and inspire forward movement.

If you wait to be excited about the abundant fruit tree, you might miss the first fruit and it will fall to the ground, rotted. Pluck the first fruit when it’s ready, call your friends and anyone interested in your garden, and let everyone enjoy one bite of the sweet goodness.

Smiles. Excitement. Celebration. You are experiencing your true success.


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