Langague ofmind

kalasa art space, yangon, myanmar

march 2020

Languages Of Mind is a duo exhibition with Htoo Aung Kyaw, which talks about how art is also a language where we can actually communicate with others. Like all the other languages in this world, art is also possible to learn and understand it’s all about how you view it. This exhibition will walk you through the visions of two artists, how they see the world in a positive way  more than that all the paintings and illustrations here shares a deep emotional, spiritual or mystical stories. 

i was looking for you


 ‘I Was Looking For You’ represents Aymen's journey as a turtle (slow and wise) finding the chamomile flower (calmness) and the deep love & understanding exchanged between them. 

art is the way we view things

 ‘Art Is The Way We View Things’ represents the common belief that art is something which should have meaning, but Aymen believes art is about everything we don’t know. It’s a language which is possible to learn if you wish to. 

i choose you when they said no

‘I Choose You When They Said No’ represents the choices we make when we don’t have a good feeling about something or we are expected by others to do / not do it; but at the end of the day, whatever we are experiencing, good or bad, is just another intentional experience. 

what i don't see

‘What I Don’t See’ represents the reality of impermanence. When we think we understand something, the moment has already passed by and a new reality has already taken presence, so this image captures all the things we don’t see when we are not in the present moment. 

the light and the darkness

 ‘The Light And The Darkness’ represents the good and the bad, and accepting the double-edge sword of each experience, decision, belief and so fourth. In reality, the good and the bad is coming from the same place as there is always a glimpse of light at the end of darkness and vice versa. Identifying something as one or the other only limits us from experiencing each moment as it truly is.

Dance of emotions

When a friend started to talk to me openly about his sexual feelings, I felt so uncomfortable and thought, “Why is he sharing this with me?” As if he read my mind he said to me, “I know I can share this freely with you because you won’t judge me.” Deep inside I was feeling sorry for him, because I did judge him already. It got me thinking about the tendency to keep our emotions with us, always afraid to share with others because of judgments. As I drew this piece and I started seeing a tantric flow in the lines, I decided to flow with these emotions. After showing it to few friends I was really amazed with their reactions, telling me I’m becoming a “sensual artist.” Share your emotions with people you feel comfortable with even if it’s a topic you’re not really comfortable with! 

inner faces

 ‘Inner Faces' represents how we are creators of our own identity. Every moment we are choosing a character we want to be and acting the role. I see myself as a painter so I play the role, but I saw myself a few years ago as a movement artist and I played a different role. Every stage of our life is like this, but there are a lot of people who believe that they can’t choose a character so they would end up living the same role. Inner faces is an inspiration to see that you are the creator of your on life and you have all the power to choose the role you want. 

Find the flow

 ‘Find the Flow' represents how we drive away from the reality and make another reality even if we don’t resonate with it. For Aymen, the triangle is a representation of decision making or confusion, when you draw a triangle you’re consciously or unconsciously deciding weather it should go left or right. A circle for Aymen is the flow of life. The faces driving themselves towards the circle accept the flow of life, and the one face driving away from all of them is stuck in this decision making and confusion, forgetting that it’s all coming from himself. At the end of every triangle is a circle and the other way as well, so believe in the flow of life and find the flow. 

the unknown

 For this piece you might see a lot of stories or create a lot of stories, but for Aymen it’s an unknown story. Sometimes you can flow with your life rather than finding the meaning for it, so The Unknown represents a blank canvas. 

The universal awakening

This piece is the story of Aymen evolving as a visionary artist. The faces represent his beliefs created by and for him from his childhood. As he grew up and began exploring other cultures, he started viewing everything in a different perspective as we all do. As you can see, the eye is pulling out, an expression of him breaking his beliefs. The triangle symbolizes unconscious decision making or confusions. The circle is the flow of life. The eye is accepting the circle, but it’s still inside the triangle. There can be a lot of conscious or unconscious decisions made in our lives, but at the end it’s all about accepting the flow of life.

The fortuneteller

This piece is dedicated to the women in Asia. After having conversations with a few female friends, Aymen realized how a fortune teller can actually dictate someone’s outcome in life (especially in the Asian cultures, which strongly believe in mythologies and ancient wisdom). A friend was told not to get married, because if she got married her husband would die within a year. After knowing this my friend decided to not get married even though she always wanted to be a good wife, a mother, and a grandmother. The hands show how deeply rooted our beliefs are, and the hand on the top is receiving the “magic." Black represents negative sides and the pink represents the positive sides. The hand is receiving both sides, but the eyes are only seeing the good side of it. By only choosing to see the good side, Aymen creates a positive reality.

Law of attraction

 Law Of Attraction is about how we are attracting things we need. As soon as we are satisfied with our choices, we tend to look for more. Most of the time, life is about finding new things: materials, people, places and so on. We are always in this cycle of finding “more, better, different." As an artist, Aymen believes we are the creators of our own life, we are capable of manifesting our reality as long as we accept the naturals laws, such as the Law Of Attraction. 

Flow like water

The element Water is deeply connected with emotions. The face which is flowing down to the water is you, me and everyone who is trying to resist these emotions. The face splits into two pieces, representing what happens when we try to resist our emotions. The hand is awareness, connected to the head by strings, which is trying to pull back the head (us) back to awareness. Aymen practices a lifestyle of flowing with his emotions rather than resisting it, trying to understand the roots of his emotions. Whether it’s sadness or happiness, with this practice, everything turns out to be beautiful. 

five elements and i

The seed sprouting is all of us coming into the world to experience a new reality every single day. We are protected by all the five elements (sun, moon, water, air and earth) knowingly or unknowingly. The multiple faces talks about the phases of our life; every single experience and achievement is a phase of our lives. Even if we open up all seven chakras and get into a state of Nirvana, it is also just a phase we go through. So it’s all about understanding we are all connected with these five elements. These elements are always protecting us from the negative energies, which is the snake in the corner trying to attack the seed. Realistically, he can only destroy us if we let him in. Aymen believes it’s important to respect the elements and all the beings in nature, because all of them are helping us. 

unconscious consumption

This piece was born when Aymen saw his friend smoking a cigarette, throwing it away after taking two puffs. It dawned on Aymen how much we over consume without being aware. We eat even if we aren’t hungry, we drink even if we aren't thirsty, we smoke/drink just for social reasons and so on. We become stuck in a cycle. Aymen believes it’s time for us to be aware about what we consume and why.

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