Faces of Life

Foxtrot, Bangalore, India

September 2019

Faces of Life was a solo exhibition illustrating the various faces of life. I believe every day we experience different emotions and evolving beliefs, and each time we feel satisfied with identity, we continue to seek for new, different, better.

Octopus Thoughts

This piece was created after my first Vipassana meditation retreat, where all my beliefs were shattered and my thoughts tangled. These octopus thoughts left me confused and unsure what to believe.


Inspired by one of my favorite artists, this piece captures the movement through life, continuously asking questions in which we seek answers. We mistake age with wisdom, thinking we have found the answers by the end of the cycle, but once again we are left with another question unresolved.

The God's Mouth

In Hinduism, when Krishna's mom saw Krishna eating sand, she asked him to open his mouth, where she saw the entire Universe. This is my interpretation of what she might have seen.

Eyes of Truth

"What is Truth?" Everyone has their own perspective of the Truth, but what one sees as Truth will not be true for all others.

Life of Ganesh

In Hinduism, the God Ganesh was always made fun of in his community for his elephant face. This illustration represents the love for people in judgment.

Connect, Create, Collaborate

In this phase of my life, I began to view Art as a means to connect, create and collaborate with everyone and everything around.

Tree of Faces

Within interconnectedness, we are attached to our commitments and expectations, which debilitate us from expressing our true emotions and acting on our beliefs. 

Turtle Enlightenment

Only once we break the mask, which we act through to please others, will we reach enlightenment.


First impressions limit our perceptions to what we assume of others before giving the chance to understand deeply.


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