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Chamomile is a visionary stippler and intuitive tattoo artist  with a niche for the fine details and love for what would normally be seen as "tedious" work.


She grew up around the United States. One year after being born in Atlanta, Georgia, her family rooted down in Dallas, Texas for eleven years before moving to the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois when Chamomile was entering junior high school. Being exposed to different cultures around the states and taking frequent road trips inspired the artist to travel later in life,.


She set off for her life as a nomadic artist at 17 years old, first exploring photography, travel writing and artistic modeling as hobbies at Arizona State University.  A year into schooling, she understood the traditional learning style wasn't for her and switched to online schooling so she could move to Portland, Oregon, famous for its unusual art scene. Chamomile began exploring painting, illustration, collage, and upcycling landfill items into house decor. Half a year later, she discovered organic farming and spent one year traveling up and down the west coast working on different sustainable projects until he finished her schooling. Instead of flying back to Arizona to attend graduation, she bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.


It wasn't until she visited Cambodia in 2018 that she found confidence in her art pursuits amongst the creative expat and local community of Phnom Penh, and held her first ever art exhibit, Open Your I.


Since then, she has completed exhibits in countries throughout Asia, facilitated expressive workshops and art retreats, and began putting her art to skin with intuitive tattooing. Chamomile gathered traditional knowledge of tattoos, emphasizing the importance of tattoos with meaning. Her hand poke tattoos are paired with tarot readings to determine what energies are entering and leaving the tattoo's wound, creating a significant road marker of this point on the individual's journey.


Her dream is to see her designs on textiles, perhaps even in runways. Find Chamomile's social media and event details below to get in contact or catch her next event!

Previous Exhibitions


September 2019

Bangalore, India

Chamomile joined Aymen for her 4th art exhibition in Bangalore India at Foxtrot. These pieces capture the competition & egotism around things like religion, government, humanity, possessions, love and all the illusions and confusion distorting these realities.

Intuitive tattoos


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