What We Offer...

Between the traveling duo's trades and skills, The Dream Alchemist has a wide range of surprises and gifts to offer at your festival. This list is narrowed down to the most desired collaborations:

Live Visionary Painting

Have you ever seen the process of a visionary painting from start to finish? Be prepared to be blown away by this act. 

The duo will take a blank canvas to a 3, and even 4, -D dimension, visually expressing a shared philosophical belief. 

Each live painting is complete with a story telling, talking about the vision associated with the painting.

Sound Healing

Are you familiar with the healing frequencies of singing bowls and gongs? 

The Dream Alchemist brings a new twist to sound healing, playing the hang drum and other vibrational instruments collected from around the world. Cacao is optional for a deeper personal journey.

As the frequencies pass through the bodies of the participants, something in their channels gets unblocked. Deep relaxation is the most common experience, but it can extend to deep spiritual awakenings. 

Movement, Expression workshop

ANNICA: The Law of Impermanence.

The Dream Alchemist developed a unique style of movement and expression to inspire new thought in workshop participants. The duo challenges societal beliefs through dance and theatre, shattering the structures which were once developed for Us, not by Us, so new structures can be built. 

At minimum, this workshop inspires "coming out of your shell." At a deeper level, this workshop will destroy what you've built so you may have space for your garden to grow.

Intuitive tattoos

(hand poke)

A gentle combination of tarot cards and traditional tattoo beliefs, Chamomile offers intuitive hand poke tattoos. 

In some cultures, tattoos were believed to be a gateway for energy to come and go. The tarot cards allow intuitive sight to see what is leaving and what is replacing. 

A small tattoo representing this personal transformation stage will be hand poked for a small fee.

If the customer already has a design in mind, the tarot cards will only play the role of understanding the transformation occurring at this time.

Your choice of two of the services above + complimentary crowd performances

The package deal:


  • $100 for 10 people, additional $5 per additional person

  • Artist Pass (Free entry + provided food)

  • Supplies provided (Depending on the service you choose): Canvas (Medium-Large) + Easel, Microphones, and Tattoo Table/Chair 

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