A Mother Cries

JANUAry 2019

lakar - lumut, malaysia

Chamomile's second art exhibition with Malaysian print artist KAYUKARA, captures the detriment of a local indigenous tribe. Chamomile was asked by an indigenous hunter-gatherer tribe facing deforestation to raise awareness of the impacts the palm-oil plantations are making on the "untouched" land and the people still residing there. 


Whether or not one believes in the evolution of humans from apes, the transition symbolizes a movement away from nature to consumerism and capitalism. Not only has the species evolved, but the entire world was forced to do the same as we prioritize our consumer needs over the natural necessities of the planet.

Vision Quest

Indigenous tribes around the world share a few things in common, as their connection with nature determines their actions and lifestyle habits. The tribe leader shared with advocate and friend, Shazni, through local tongue, their communication with nature's spirit and the messages they received about the future (destruction being a common theme.


"The forest is our backbone." One day, as I stared out over the palm plantations surrounding my meditation retreat, these words came to mind. Our bones will deteriorate without the forest, and now this is all I can see.


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