Open Your I

SEPtember 2018

Now here - phnom penh, cambodia

Chamomile's first ever art exhibition with Portuguese photographer, Miguel Jeronimo,  captures the idea that our perceptions ultimately determine our experience. What you perceive is how you react, how you react is how you relate.

Inner Child

My spiritual mentor once described adults as onions and the journey to consciousness as "peeling back the layers." She said, "We are all enlightened, but we can't see it with all the fear and illusion." Within each of us is the inner child: curious, creative, non-judgmental, all-loving. As we age, we take on the fear and beliefs of others in our environment and through mistakes we make. As we begin to awaken again, we must peel back these layers. Until then, we can only see through these blurry eyes.


How many times have you misunderstood or miscommunicated something which has led to turmoil? Expectations are created around our promises and ideas, texts are misread, language and cultural barriers misinterpreted. 


Our brains, psychologically speaking, have a tendency to make sense of things we may not understand. A circle becomes a sun, these triangles a butterfly, when in reality, they just are what they are.

Half-Empty, Half-Full

Expanding upon the glass of water analogy, where you can choose to see life in one of two ways (essentially positive or negative), you can also see it very detailed as a story or very geometrical as facts. For example, instead of interpreting each "failure" as "I am a failure," you can see it as "I failed once."

Bigger Picture

Once in the turmoil of a heartbreak, a friend said to me, "Hold up your thumb and pointer finger. You can either choose to be the victim and pity yourself or a bully and get revenge. Or you can put your fingers together, take a step back, and see the bigger picture." 


Because we can never truly see ourselves, other than in pictures and a mirror, we may begin to take on the perceptions from other people as our own identity. It's only when we truly get to know ourselves from the inside, that we don't have to identify as anything at all, or we can create the identity of who we wish to be.


"Every thought is a prayer." 

When we are conscious of our imagination and thoughts, we can utilize them as a tool to create, or manifest, our reality to be exactly as we wish.


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