September 2020

Foxtrot - Bangalore, India

Chamomile joined Aymen for her 4th art exhibition in Bangalore India at Foxtrot. These pieces capture the competition & egotism around things like religion, government, humanity, possessions, love and all the illusions and confusion distorting these realities.


Among the many entanglements of human beings, religion is one of the hottest topics resulting in discordance. With varying beliefs and strong dogmatism, religion has the potential to create a destruction like no other, dividing one species into many sectors. 

My Child

Have you ever experienced the struggle of raising a child? Or perhaps you struggled as the child himself, when relatives hold onto the perception of what you once were despite your natural transitions into adulthood and independence. Aside from parents and children, we see this with "My friend, My lover," and so fourth, when we do not act accordingly to the expectations of others. 


Another common discordance is infamous in the political sector of nations, cultures, families, businesses, and the like. The struggle to be on the top may result in a crumbling of structures set in place.

Queen's World

The final discordance is between humans and Mother Nature in our attempt to control and conquer. The population seems to have forgotten our own roots in nature, acting as if we are separate. Little do we see, in our destruction we are also harming ourselves.


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