March 2020

Cafe Dung - Hanoi, Vietnam

Chamomile joined four international and Vietnamese artists in Hanoi, Vietnam for her third art exhibition: Reflection. Reflection captures the concept that every person, place and thing we experience is reflecting back to us a lesson we need to learn. We can actively choose to see each experience from a student's perspective, receiving knowledge from her mentor.

Seek Truth

In southern parts of India, where Ayurveda is practiced widely, children run barefoot, and the connection with nature is wildly inspiring, there is a proverb stating the laughter of an eavesdropping gecko is the affirmation what you are saying is, in fact, Truth. The question of Truth cannot be proved or identified, when even scientific research is proven False, so how can we find something so unobtainable? Is there a single Truth or does it vary from person to person?

Rooted in Illusion

Illusion vs. Perception. If two people witness the same thing at the same time, are they actually experiencing the same thing? A psychology class I once attended challenged us by playing a video and then asking us, "What color was the woman's shirt?" We all listed different colors, most of which were wrong. With this in mind, how many illusions do we so strongly believe in?


This mandala simply shows how all things reflect one another from the center being: I. From the center, however, it may look slightly different. It requires a step outside of the immediate perception to understand this concept deeply.  


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