Aymen shamsudeen

Aymen is a traveling 26-year-old visionary artist from Kerala, India. Aymen has traveled around Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia over the past 5 years exploring arts and culture. Since his childhood he has been developing a unique style of one line art and evolved as a visionary artist. 

To Aymen, art is all about everything we don't know or we haven't noticed. So as an artist, it's important for him to share his art work with the world in order to help others see and understanding something. Aymen has conducted many art and movement workshops in many festivals and events. 

His self-made movement art form, Anicca, is an expression-movement art which guides the audience through the Law of Impermanence. This unique contemporary style helps people to walk out of their comfort zone, express emotions with oneself, and slow down everything just enough to feel the truth of what's happening internally. 


Since 2019, he's been focusing more on sharing his works in a wide range, hosting exhibits in Vietnam, India and Myanmar. All his paintings and illustrations share a deep spiritual and mystical story from his experiences and practices. Contact him on Instagram (below) to know more about his lifestyle and art.


exhibitions and collections

Language of mind

March 2020

Yangon, Myanmar

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Femisculine is a series of paintings and one-line art illustrations, which talks about the value of Women and Men, how we share equal importance in this planet. The artist is showcasing the balance of the genders and what happens when we loose it.

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