The Art of Living Retreat is a week-long journey through the subconscious mind to expand the definition of 'art' and open the doorway to creative exploration. Led by a world-traveling duo, known as The Dream Alchemist, the pair will encourage you to release your inner child--the curious, the creative and the all-loving--at a psychedelic resort within a local village in the jungle outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, known as the Mothership

This experience is for anyone interested in connecting with nature, exploring various art forms, and returning to child's play. No experience in the arts is required, only the willingness to learn!

Each day we will look into one of the five ways our bodies take in energy and express, or release, that energy through an exciting art form. Expect lots of laughter, introspection, reflection and play during these 7 days! 



  • nurture your inner child by honoring your curiosity, creativity, love and play

  • make long lasting connections with like-minded people and support each other through the artistic growth process

  • restoration--make time for yourself to go within so you can be the best you can be in every aspect of your life

  • connect with nature--Mothership is surrounded by luscious jungle, rice fields and mountains

  • explore many art forms and unleash your creative gifts

  • release judgment of your art and understand how learning to love your art can help you release judgment in life




- Private dome and bathroom (capacity 2 guests, must book individually) $600

- 8-bed shared room with bed curtains and shared bathroom $500


- Private dome and bathroom (1-2 guests) $750

- One bed in the 8-bed dormitory with bed curtains and shared bathroom $650

Secure your spot with a 50% deposit!


Art of Living


Day 0

Feb 19

10:00 AM Pick Up from Chiang Mai city center
11:00 AM Lunch
12:00 PM Facility tour
2:30 PM Discourse: Grounding & Journaling with Aymen & Chamomile
3:30 PM Scavenger Hunt
6:00 PM Dinner
Chill, Bonfire, Improvised Instrument Jam

Day 1

February 20

8:00 AM Yoga

9:00 AM Breakfast

11:00 AM Discourse: Food with Aymen

12:00 PM Art of Permaculture

1:00 PM Lunch

3:00 PM Leather Workshop

6:00 PM Dinner 

Bonfire, Jam

All-day craft available: plastic sculpture installation

Day 2

February 21

6:00 AM ANICCA Movement
9:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Discourse: Sun with Aymen
11:00 AM Hike to Waterfall + Lunch in Jungle
4:00 PM Art of Painting
6:00 PM Dinner 
Bonfire, Jam

Day 3

February 22

8:00 AM Indian Martial Arts
9:00 AM Breakfast
11:00 AM Discourse: Water with Chamomile
12:00 PM Natural dyes with hill tribe
4:00 PM String Art
6:00 PM Dinner
Bonfire, Jam

Day 4

February 23

8:00 AM Meditation

9:00 AM Breakfast

11:00 AM Discourse: Plant Medicine with Marco

12:00 PM Art of Mushroom Farming

1:00 PM Lunch

4:00 PM Ceremony (send us an email for more information)

6:00 PM Buffet dinner

7:00 PM Talent Show

Bonfire, Jam

All-day craft available: hula hooping

Day 5

February 24

8:00 AM Sound Healing

9:00 AM Breakfast

11:00 AM Discourse: Moon, Lunar Cycle, and Lucid Dreaming with Chamomile

12:00 PM Art of Illustration

1:30 PM Lunch

3:00 PM Art of Self-Care (DIY soap, charcoal toothpaste, and more)

4:30 Thai Massage

6:30 PM Dinner 

New Moon Gathering in Sauna

All-day craft available: tarot cards

Day 6

February 25

8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Journal Sharing Circle & Closing
11:00 PM Transport to Chiang Mai



  • 6 x Nights accommodation at the Mothership Psychedelic Resort

  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • City transfers (February 19th 10:00 AM and 25th 11:00 AM only)

  • 60-minute massage

  • Journal

  • Sauna

  • Jacuzzi

  • Bonfire

  • T-Shirt



  • Flights, visas, and travel insurance

  • Additional food and drinks  


Your Facilitators

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A story teller, musician and abstract artist from Southern India, this creative mind is always looking to collaborate and excited to share his abundant knowledge for the Buddhas within us all.


A quiet, yet imaginative illustrator, writer and photographer from the U.S.A., this spirit is always eager to talk deep conversation and spread the Dot Movement to promote self-love and peace between all.



The Dream Alchemist was born two-weeks into a road trip from Vietnam to India. Sitting in a cafe in Luang Prabang, Laos, we felt bored of the tourism travel and began brainstorming how we could utilize our creative gifts to help others and act on our purpose as educators. Art has not only attracted so many great people and experiences into our lives, it was the light that led us out of our darkest moments. We know the power in art, and we believe everyone has the power to create--but not everyone can see this gift within themselves--and that's how we wanted to help people.

We barely knew each other, having just met a couple of months before, yet we knew that we were meant to meet at this point of our lives as we began to unfold this plan and saw our visions align. And for the next seven months on our journey through SE Asia, we facilitated many drawing and movement workshops, painted murals, helped businesses and individuals with everything from design to tech to passion pursuits, performed on stage, took others on journeys through sound healing, and collaborated with many reputed artists on exhibits and music videos. All the while, we spread our message to as many people we possibly could: YOU are the creator of your reality, so do what makes YOU happy. 

During one volunteer opportunity in Thailand, we had the privilege of meeting Marco and Kiki, the founders of The Mothership. Marco dreamt of holding retreats at his psychedelic resort and we dreamt of facilitating a retreat, and so the visions aligned. Now we welcome you to experience all the amazing benefits of arts, nature and doing what makes you happy!


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