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The Dream Alchemist was born two-weeks into a road trip from Vietnam to India. Sitting in a cafe in Luang Prabang, Laos, Aymen and Chamomile felt bored of the tourism travel and began brainstorming how to utilize their creative gifts to help others and act on their purpose as educators. Art has not only attracted so many great people and experiences into their lives, it was the light that led them out of their darkest moments. The duo knows the power in art, and they believe everyone has the power to create--but not everyone can see this gift within themselves--and that's how they wanted to help people.


Aymen and Chamomile barely knew each other, having just met a couple of months before, yet they knew they were meant to meet at this point of their lives as they began to unfold this plan and saw their visions align. And for the next seven months on their journey through SE Asia, they facilitated many drawing and movement workshops, painted murals, helped businesses and individuals with everything from design, to tech, to passion pursuits, performed on stage, took others on journeys through sound healing, and collaborated with many reputed artists on exhibits and music videos. All the while, spreading their message to as many people they possibly could: YOU are the creator of your reality, so do what makes YOU happy. 

Now they welcome you to experience your soul purpose. Aymen and Chamomile got certified as art life coaches in 2019 and offer individualized programs to each of their clients, inspiring and supporting them to overcome conditioned beliefs blocking them from pursuing what they feel most called to do. 

The Dream Alchemist helps to turn YOUR dreams into reality. Click the Art Life Coaching button below to fill out a short form and schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Aymen and Chamomile this week!

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Aymen and Chamomile are certified Life Coaches, focused on Artists or individuals who want to pursue any passion. Join The Dream Alchemist on a journey through all life's obstacles and personal limitations, and get on your way to success.

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