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chamomile diddell

Chamomile is a visionary artist and marketing specialist  with a niche for the fine details and love for what would normally be seen as "tedious" work.


Chamomile set off for her life as a nomadic artist at 17 years old, first exploring photography, travel writing and artistic modeling as hobbies at Arizona State University.  A year into schooling, she understood the traditional learning style wasn't for her and switched to online schooling so she could move to Portland, Oregon, famous for its "unusual" art scene. Chamomile began exploring painting, illustration, collage, and upcycling landfill items into house decor. Half a year later, she discovered organic farming and spent one year traveling up and down the west coast working on different sustainable projects and building her marketing portfolio until he finished her schooling. Instead of flying back to Arizona to attend graduation, she bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.


Through her journey, she found her passion and purpose in helping others, inspiring her to study and practice marketing from web design and SEO, to social media and content creation. She also recognized the pattern of journalism throughout her early-adult life and takes pride in her writing. All her projects are in collaboration with other brands and individual pursuits to turn everyones' dreams into reality!

How can I help you?
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Marketing Strategist

The Dream Alchemist offers a full list of services to companies, education centers, art residencies/spaces, and private groups to expand the understanding of Self and inspire passion pursuits.


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